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Contributing to Sweden’s most important meals

On a typical day, an estimated three million public meals are served in preschools, schools, elderly care, and hospitals throughout Sweden. The responsibility for the country’s public meals sector rests primarily on tax-funded principals: the municipalities and regions.

The Swedish Association of Dietitians – Kost & Näring – is an association within the trade union Ledarna. Ledarna is an organization representing close to 100,000 Swedish managers.

The members of Kost & Näring are mainly made up of foodservice dietitians: professional managers responsible for planning, purchasing (in alignment with the EU public procurement regulations), and development, as well as managing the chefs and other kitchen personnel who carry out the actual cooking and serving of the public meals.

Not only tasty and well-cooked – but also both nutritious and sustainable.

Simply put, our members’ job is to ensure that the meals being served under public auspices to the young, the elderly, and the sick across Sweden are not only tasty and well-cooked – but also both nutritious and sustainable. Every day, all year round.

Boiled down to just one single sentence, we refer to the operations of Kost & Näring as Contributing to Sweden’s most important meals.

Do you want to learn more about Kost & Näring, our work, and our actions? Please do not hesitate to reach out to us at info@kostochnaring.se.